Thursday, 5 November 2009

Refining of my story line

Although i had planned for each person who held up their feelings on a piece of paper to act out a small scene depicting their feelings. Although when i started filiming last week i realised that this was going to be almost impossible as the actors did not take it seriouse they were unsure as to what they were doing and the end product was not up to a high enough standard.
So I now plan for very small scenes to be acted out for each card but a very minimal amount, for example for the card 'Will he ever ask?' i was thinking that it could be a girl holding up the card and a boy walking behind her so that as an audience member you have to figure out what it is she wants him to ask.
However, i think if this is infact what i am planning on doing i need to find a wide range of actors and actresses, allong with a wide range of locations.
so this is my new rough plan of filiming (Although i am not too sure about the order) the bold is what is going to be written on each card:

What is love? / Does he love me really?
· A young girl, crying?
· Natural coloured clothing,
· Bruised?
· Older dominant male (dark clothing) showing his power grips her shoulders, (zoom in on his hand on her shoulder)
· Homely location, kitchen etc.

Will everything be ok? (Naomi)
· A pregnant woman,
· People going about their every day lives in the foreground,
· High angle shot,
· Turn to the side holding her stomach medium shot
· Wearing warm colours browns, reds etc.

Does any one see me? (Lee)
· A male very brightly coloured,
· Busy people in the back ground,
· Zoom out for the card to a extreme long shot,

Pan and cut to next person

Should I help?

· Pan onto him he is in focus, in the background some one (black and dark clothing) about to jump off a bridge slightly blurred,
· Him in normal clothing, jeans t-shirt,
· He turns his head then a Point of view shot person about to jump comes in to focus,
· Zoom in to close shot of his point of view shot,

Cut to look at her

Am I alone? / Does any one care?
· Very slowly zooming out
· Dark clothing
· Upset

Does she know I CHEATED?
· A suited man on a street corner,
· High angle shot

Do I have to see then together?
· A woman ( Dark coloured clothing NOT black) on a street, medium shot,
· Zoom out slightly higher angle shot
· A couple walks in front of the woman with the card holding hands,
· The couples wears light colours, in love looks,

Is she the one?
· Medium shot of the couple, walking along laughing carrying on etc.
· They stop he holds up the card.

Sex before marriage?
· The couple kissing/ cuddling in intimate surroundings. Medium shot
· She holds up the card (wearing sexual colours red pink etc)

Should I speak first?
· Medium shot male/female, (blue coloured clothing)
· Cut to some one else in the same area,
· Same card male/female

Who speaks first?
· Cut to some one else in the same area
· Male/female

Is she mine?
· Medium shot of a male normal clothing

Why did He leave me so early?
· Close medium shot Woman of the older generation,
· Upset (dark clothing in morning)
· Cloudy sky if possible,
· Zoom out she is in a graveyard.

Does he see me?

· Natural coloured clothing
· Medium shot
· Sigh her point of view shot
· Close shot of him in natural activity talking etc.

Will he ever ask?
· Woman in long shot zoom in man walking behind her
· Her in normal clothing jeans/ leggings etc.

Does he know how much I love him?
· Medium long shot of a girl and her point of view shot of the man walking past her/ walking towards her

Can I tell her the truth?
· Man sitting down in isolated surroundings
· Some one delivering bad news

Do I really love him? / Does he really love me?
· Medium shot normal clothing
· Her point of view shot.

If only I new then what I now . . .
/I wish I knew then what I know now . . .
· Preferably a woman,
· A person of the older generation,
· Bleak back ground,Natural coloured clothing

Monday, 2 November 2009

Starting to shoot

Today i began the actual recording of my music video and although i did believe i was prepared for recording, i soon realised that i had not done enough planning. Also i now understand that with me just working by my self i have an awful lot of work to be getting done, although i understand that the deadline for the work to be done is not until the end of January at this moment in time i do not believe i will have enough work done.
If I am wanting to be prepared for January and get enough recordings so that I not only have a music video finished but of a high standard i realise that i have to plan more thoroughly and for each scene that is being shot i need to find a particular actor/actress that will play that part.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Final story line

Wider reading for idea three

A mighty pain to love it is,
And 'tis a pain to miss,
But of all the pain, the greatest pain
It is to love, but love in vain.
- Abraham Cowley

The saddest thing in thw world,
is loving someone who used to
love you.

Third idea and song choice

Second idea and song choice

Barry white – you’re my first my last my everything

The first, the last, my everythingAnd the answer to all my dreamsYou're my sun, my moon, my guiding starMy kind of wonderful, that's what you areI know there's only, only one like youThere's no way they could have made twoYou're all I'm living forYour love I'll keep for evermoreYou're the first, your the last, my everythingAnd with you I've found so many thingsA love so new only you could bringCan't you see it's youYou make me feel this wayYou're like a fresh morning dew on a brand new dayI see so many ways that ICan love you till the day I dieYou're my reality, yet I'm lost in a-a-a a dreamYou're the first, the last, my everythingI know there's only, only one like youThere's no way they could have made twoGirl you're my realityBut I'm lost in a-a-a a dreamYou're the first, you're the last, my everything

First idea

Avril Lavigne - when you’re gone

I always needed time on my ownI never thought I'd need you there when I criedAnd the days feel like years when I'm aloneAnd the bed where you lieIs made up on your sideWhen you walk awayI count the steps that you takeDo you see how much I need you right now?When you're goneThe pieces of my heart, I'm missing youWhen you're goneThe face I came to know is missing tooWhen you're goneThe words I need to hear to always get me through the dayAnd make it ok I miss youI've never felt this way beforeEverything that I do, reminds me of you,and the clothes you left, they lie on the floor And they smell just like you I love the things that you doWhen you walk awayI count the steps that you takeDo you see how much I need you right now?When you're goneThe pieces of my heart are missing youAnd When you're goneThe face I came to know is missing tooAnd When you're goneThe words I need to hear to always get me through the dayAnd make it ok(I miss you )We were made for each otherOut here foreverI know we wereYeah yeahAnd all I ever wanted was for you to knoweverything I do I give my heart and soulI can hardly breathe I need to feel you here with me Yeah...When you're goneThe pieces of my heart are missing youAnd When you're goneThe face I came to know is missing tooAnd When you're goneThe words I need to hear, will always get me through the dayAnd make it okI miss you...


Before i analysed any music videos i thought it would give me a better idea of what to incorporate in my music video if i researched love itself, and to figure out what people classed as love. At first when i typed love in to google i got pictures of Commercialised love such as love hearts and and young love (star crossed lovers).

However when i looked into it i reasiled no one thing can some up love because no matter who you are you class as something different, and it can be displayed in many ways. "Love can form itself in many ways. Often between two people these ways are often shown through looks, touches, and gestures"

So instead of tryng to class it as one thing which i realised it could not be. Instead i started to explore what love is, what is could be and how it was displayed. Although i still have yet to figure out what love is i found ou that it could be displayed in many ways.

Such as poety-

"A mighty pain is to love it is,

And 'tis a pain to miss,

But of all pains,

the greatest pain It is to love,

but love in vain"

-Abraham Cowley

From my research i have also found out that the way in which it is writen has a great impact along with the meaning of the words. If it is writen in a different language it is some times found more sexy and meaningful rather that just written in english.

Also the surface upon it is writen shows the lengths of which some one will go to, to display their feelings.
So from this information i have found out from researching love,I will now explore plot ideas for my own music video and see which aspects i can encorporate.

Results of Questionaire

The first question that was on my questionaire was "What is it you look for in a romantic song?" i got a range of answers for this question however i had a large proportion of people who supported the view that sex sells as naked bodies and sexual content is wanted however i do not belive this appropriate for a school media prodgect nor do i feel it is paramount for a love story as it can be hinted about but it is not needed to be explicid. Although, Lyrics and a story line was the aspect thast was most desired in a romantic music video, so i belive with me picking the apropriate song and my music video will have a story line that it will fit to the audiences desires. The second question asked, was "What is your favourite ramantic songs? and why is this?" from this i recieved a range of song choices such as-
Fovever Young - Jay Z
Far Away - Nickel Back
I dont want to miss a thing - Aerosmith
Here without you - Three Doors Down
If this is not love - Jenifer hudson
Follow me - Uncle cracker
However the reasons for picking the song was far less divers, it was mainly because of personal feelings that were attatched to the song or if it was the sound track for a film they associated it with the film immidetly.
The next question was "What is your favourite music video? and why is this ?" the responce to this was because of good choreography also the main thig that attracted many people to a music video is a good story line that flows with the song.
So i could get a better idea of what to incoporate in my music vidoe that would attratc an audience i asked "If you were creating a music video what is it you would incorporate?" again for may it was that sex sells, although one person belived in being different and wanted comedy in a music video, however again the main priority was that a storey line was paramount to a music video.

Review of music videos already on the market

From the romantic music videos i have analysed i realised that i liked music videos that told a story that linked to the song. Even more so if there were many stories that linked together with the song as each story however in a different way had the same meaning that the song portrayed.The video from the song 'You belong with me' by Taylor Swift was a particular video that i liked not only because it told the story of the song (of how she believed and pursued her feelings that they belong together as a couple and at the end that is what they become), but

rather than display their feelings through normal means of affection, they each wrote Their feelings on a card and showed it to each other. This part of the video was a particularly a favourite of mine so i investigated the mean of displaying fellings rather acting them out.

When i was investigating music videos with people writing down their feelings rather than saying them out loud i remembers the film 'love Actually' a romantic comedy, is a series of love stories from every walk of life from the Prime Minister and the secratery, a housemaid and a writer, a widower and a child. Although many of them just speak their feelings aloud or have a big display of affection, one of the characters as it is inapropriate for them to say their feelings alloud he writed them on a series of cards.

Another music video that i liked was 'Face Down' by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus the reason for me liking this video was because it tackled an important issue of domestic violence but it also showed the story of how the physical violence developed .

So from these videos i have evaluated i will try to adapt the parts i like so that they fit my music video and i will combine this with the results of my questionaire.

Change of mind

Storyline for the horror trailer

Rough plans
1, Murder kills off people one by one, (dark allies)
-> Stalking , lonely streets, eary sounds

2, One person tries to kill another girl but they do not succeed so she then wants revenge on the the people who try to kill her.

Developing plans
1, Group of friends have slept over and invite a girl that is

Written brief

I have decided to work with a group of girls in my media class and we are going to do number 2 on the written media brief.
When discussing the brief these are the notes i took,

2, A promotion package for a new film, to include a teaser trailer, together with:
* A film magazine front cover, featuring the fim,
* A poster for the film.

Roles avaliable
*Camera work,
-> Music
* Casting,
* Photoshop (2front covers, 2posters)
* Take photos.

Notes to concider
-> Dark fields, Forest, Lonely places, isolated, home, holiday.

* Genere ?
-> Horro, gore, blood, death.

Possible actors/ actresses
* Lisa,
* Laura,
* Amy,
* Michael,
* Sarah,
* Emma.

Your film

Before starting the practical task some buisness people from 'Your Film' ( who work in the film industry making adverts and short films from came in to give us some advice. The notes that i wrote down when they were talking us through their presentation was-

Ideas, concepts, scripts, storyboard, planning, permission, budget, casting, crew-ip, pre-interviews, research, define roles, responsibility, location scouting.

Plan well, set relistic goals, map out schedual, allow for set backs, Be bold, Aim High!

Filiming, sound, sound recording.
The beef, keep the faith, stick to your plan, believe in the idea, get what you need.

Post production
Video capture, lodding, video editing, video editing sound, sound design, music, sound design, music, editing graphic design, effects, animation, titles, voice over, sound effects.

It all comes together, stick to the plan but allow for creativity.

Exposure! -> white balance

Action -> where? Get Close!

Frame -> Background
-> Whats in it?
-> What does it mean?

-> Conventions
Look for them, find them, understant them then put them in your production, understand BEFORE you use it, good assistance for your production AND better marks.

Watch allot of music videos!

Dont be afraid to do it again and angain and agian.

* Relax actors,
* Turn red (rec.) light off,
* Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse,
* Compliment a good preformance,
* Direct,
* Encourage,
* Keep them happy = Good preformance,

Idea is every thing
A great idea produced poorly = ok result
A poor idea produced well = poor result

Process -> idea -> concepts -> script -> storyboard

Mistakes are good embrace them =D
-> focus on your origional idea, plan and script

Storyboards are not all that fantabulouse
-> they are useful for helping non- visual people to understand -> reality tends to be different
Make them after? adapt? change?

Equiptment -> strengths/ weaknesses
-> Work towards its strengths

Dont forget
* Tripod,
* Battery (charged up?),
* Media.(disk, tape ect)

Practical task

Early on at the start of the year before we started our actual practical work we were givent the task of copping a small section of 'Get Carter' for this i worked with a group of friends. I do believe it helped me to work as a team abd learn the working of the cameras as we have not had the experience of working with the digital cameras.

So from this task i think i learnt how to use the cameras and fram the shots in the apropriate manner, and i hope i can use these skills i have learnt on my practical proposal.

A2 Media Briefs

This is the printed brief that we have each been given.