Sunday, 1 November 2009

Results of Questionaire

The first question that was on my questionaire was "What is it you look for in a romantic song?" i got a range of answers for this question however i had a large proportion of people who supported the view that sex sells as naked bodies and sexual content is wanted however i do not belive this appropriate for a school media prodgect nor do i feel it is paramount for a love story as it can be hinted about but it is not needed to be explicid. Although, Lyrics and a story line was the aspect thast was most desired in a romantic music video, so i belive with me picking the apropriate song and my music video will have a story line that it will fit to the audiences desires. The second question asked, was "What is your favourite ramantic songs? and why is this?" from this i recieved a range of song choices such as-
Fovever Young - Jay Z
Far Away - Nickel Back
I dont want to miss a thing - Aerosmith
Here without you - Three Doors Down
If this is not love - Jenifer hudson
Follow me - Uncle cracker
However the reasons for picking the song was far less divers, it was mainly because of personal feelings that were attatched to the song or if it was the sound track for a film they associated it with the film immidetly.
The next question was "What is your favourite music video? and why is this ?" the responce to this was because of good choreography also the main thig that attracted many people to a music video is a good story line that flows with the song.
So i could get a better idea of what to incoporate in my music vidoe that would attratc an audience i asked "If you were creating a music video what is it you would incorporate?" again for may it was that sex sells, although one person belived in being different and wanted comedy in a music video, however again the main priority was that a storey line was paramount to a music video.

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