Thursday, 12 November 2009

The rest of the photos

The other photos i took were of open area of the alone scence, but i did not think these apropriate so this location will not be used as houses could be seen in the background, and i think the beach will be a better location to depict isolation.

I also took some photos of grave stones as this is the location i am thinking of using for 'Why did he leave me?' i particularly liked these location shots but i have some other ideas of locations for these shots so at the moment i have found my location however this is subject to change.

Photos of husban and wife

With my original idea i had thought i would have a domineering husband and a submissive wife, these are what these photos depict, however i later decided that this would be a topic that i should not approch. Althoug i did like these shots and i though the models worked particularly well in this situation. so i think i may have these models in another shot as i this they had photographic chemistry on screen.

Photos Of the pregnancy

I later took photos of people i am planning on using in my actual music video, the first person i took photos of was Nioami and she is the girl that is pretending to be pregnat. I particularly liked these shots although i feel she should wear lighter femenin colours of pink and red i feel that this is a good angle to record it at and the positioning of her hands exentuate her stomach which i thought was particularly good.

Photos of crowds

The other location shots i took were of crowds, however i do not believe that i have found the best location for the crowded scenes. The first shots i took were of the school yard, but even though these were natural shots i did not feel there was enough movement involved in the shots, as i think there should be, not only that but with thw building being in the background i felt these shots looked quite inclosed and supressive.

Other crowd shots i took were in the common room but again there was not enough movement involved in there shots, although they were lighter i did not feel that these would be the best shots.

Photos of bench

Over the past few days i have been taking location shots however not all of them are shots i can use. The shots i took were of a park bench for the first meeting shot.
Although i liked the position of this bench i felt that it was too hemmed in by the greenary surrounding the bench so i do not think that this is a good location.

The second bench location i took was of the bench, and although i liked this shot because of the angle and the surrounding area being that of grave stones, i thought it inapropiate for the first meeting of lovers. So this is a location i do not intend on using.
This is the final location shot i have chosen for the first meeting scene, the reson for this is because it is light and open, and with the houses being in the background it instill a sence of realism into the shot.