Sunday, 1 November 2009

Review of music videos already on the market

From the romantic music videos i have analysed i realised that i liked music videos that told a story that linked to the song. Even more so if there were many stories that linked together with the song as each story however in a different way had the same meaning that the song portrayed.The video from the song 'You belong with me' by Taylor Swift was a particular video that i liked not only because it told the story of the song (of how she believed and pursued her feelings that they belong together as a couple and at the end that is what they become), but

rather than display their feelings through normal means of affection, they each wrote Their feelings on a card and showed it to each other. This part of the video was a particularly a favourite of mine so i investigated the mean of displaying fellings rather acting them out.

When i was investigating music videos with people writing down their feelings rather than saying them out loud i remembers the film 'love Actually' a romantic comedy, is a series of love stories from every walk of life from the Prime Minister and the secratery, a housemaid and a writer, a widower and a child. Although many of them just speak their feelings aloud or have a big display of affection, one of the characters as it is inapropriate for them to say their feelings alloud he writed them on a series of cards.

Another music video that i liked was 'Face Down' by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus the reason for me liking this video was because it tackled an important issue of domestic violence but it also showed the story of how the physical violence developed .

So from these videos i have evaluated i will try to adapt the parts i like so that they fit my music video and i will combine this with the results of my questionaire.

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