Sunday, 1 November 2009


Before i analysed any music videos i thought it would give me a better idea of what to incorporate in my music video if i researched love itself, and to figure out what people classed as love. At first when i typed love in to google i got pictures of Commercialised love such as love hearts and and young love (star crossed lovers).

However when i looked into it i reasiled no one thing can some up love because no matter who you are you class as something different, and it can be displayed in many ways. "Love can form itself in many ways. Often between two people these ways are often shown through looks, touches, and gestures"

So instead of tryng to class it as one thing which i realised it could not be. Instead i started to explore what love is, what is could be and how it was displayed. Although i still have yet to figure out what love is i found ou that it could be displayed in many ways.

Such as poety-

"A mighty pain is to love it is,

And 'tis a pain to miss,

But of all pains,

the greatest pain It is to love,

but love in vain"

-Abraham Cowley

From my research i have also found out that the way in which it is writen has a great impact along with the meaning of the words. If it is writen in a different language it is some times found more sexy and meaningful rather that just written in english.

Also the surface upon it is writen shows the lengths of which some one will go to, to display their feelings.
So from this information i have found out from researching love,I will now explore plot ideas for my own music video and see which aspects i can encorporate.

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