Thursday, 5 November 2009

Refining of my story line

Although i had planned for each person who held up their feelings on a piece of paper to act out a small scene depicting their feelings. Although when i started filiming last week i realised that this was going to be almost impossible as the actors did not take it seriouse they were unsure as to what they were doing and the end product was not up to a high enough standard.
So I now plan for very small scenes to be acted out for each card but a very minimal amount, for example for the card 'Will he ever ask?' i was thinking that it could be a girl holding up the card and a boy walking behind her so that as an audience member you have to figure out what it is she wants him to ask.
However, i think if this is infact what i am planning on doing i need to find a wide range of actors and actresses, allong with a wide range of locations.
so this is my new rough plan of filiming (Although i am not too sure about the order) the bold is what is going to be written on each card:

What is love? / Does he love me really?
· A young girl, crying?
· Natural coloured clothing,
· Bruised?
· Older dominant male (dark clothing) showing his power grips her shoulders, (zoom in on his hand on her shoulder)
· Homely location, kitchen etc.

Will everything be ok? (Naomi)
· A pregnant woman,
· People going about their every day lives in the foreground,
· High angle shot,
· Turn to the side holding her stomach medium shot
· Wearing warm colours browns, reds etc.

Does any one see me? (Lee)
· A male very brightly coloured,
· Busy people in the back ground,
· Zoom out for the card to a extreme long shot,

Pan and cut to next person

Should I help?

· Pan onto him he is in focus, in the background some one (black and dark clothing) about to jump off a bridge slightly blurred,
· Him in normal clothing, jeans t-shirt,
· He turns his head then a Point of view shot person about to jump comes in to focus,
· Zoom in to close shot of his point of view shot,

Cut to look at her

Am I alone? / Does any one care?
· Very slowly zooming out
· Dark clothing
· Upset

Does she know I CHEATED?
· A suited man on a street corner,
· High angle shot

Do I have to see then together?
· A woman ( Dark coloured clothing NOT black) on a street, medium shot,
· Zoom out slightly higher angle shot
· A couple walks in front of the woman with the card holding hands,
· The couples wears light colours, in love looks,

Is she the one?
· Medium shot of the couple, walking along laughing carrying on etc.
· They stop he holds up the card.

Sex before marriage?
· The couple kissing/ cuddling in intimate surroundings. Medium shot
· She holds up the card (wearing sexual colours red pink etc)

Should I speak first?
· Medium shot male/female, (blue coloured clothing)
· Cut to some one else in the same area,
· Same card male/female

Who speaks first?
· Cut to some one else in the same area
· Male/female

Is she mine?
· Medium shot of a male normal clothing

Why did He leave me so early?
· Close medium shot Woman of the older generation,
· Upset (dark clothing in morning)
· Cloudy sky if possible,
· Zoom out she is in a graveyard.

Does he see me?

· Natural coloured clothing
· Medium shot
· Sigh her point of view shot
· Close shot of him in natural activity talking etc.

Will he ever ask?
· Woman in long shot zoom in man walking behind her
· Her in normal clothing jeans/ leggings etc.

Does he know how much I love him?
· Medium long shot of a girl and her point of view shot of the man walking past her/ walking towards her

Can I tell her the truth?
· Man sitting down in isolated surroundings
· Some one delivering bad news

Do I really love him? / Does he really love me?
· Medium shot normal clothing
· Her point of view shot.

If only I new then what I now . . .
/I wish I knew then what I know now . . .
· Preferably a woman,
· A person of the older generation,
· Bleak back ground,Natural coloured clothing

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