Sunday, 1 November 2009

Your film

Before starting the practical task some buisness people from 'Your Film' ( who work in the film industry making adverts and short films from came in to give us some advice. The notes that i wrote down when they were talking us through their presentation was-

Ideas, concepts, scripts, storyboard, planning, permission, budget, casting, crew-ip, pre-interviews, research, define roles, responsibility, location scouting.

Plan well, set relistic goals, map out schedual, allow for set backs, Be bold, Aim High!

Filiming, sound, sound recording.
The beef, keep the faith, stick to your plan, believe in the idea, get what you need.

Post production
Video capture, lodding, video editing, video editing sound, sound design, music, sound design, music, editing graphic design, effects, animation, titles, voice over, sound effects.

It all comes together, stick to the plan but allow for creativity.

Exposure! -> white balance

Action -> where? Get Close!

Frame -> Background
-> Whats in it?
-> What does it mean?

-> Conventions
Look for them, find them, understant them then put them in your production, understand BEFORE you use it, good assistance for your production AND better marks.

Watch allot of music videos!

Dont be afraid to do it again and angain and agian.

* Relax actors,
* Turn red (rec.) light off,
* Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse,
* Compliment a good preformance,
* Direct,
* Encourage,
* Keep them happy = Good preformance,

Idea is every thing
A great idea produced poorly = ok result
A poor idea produced well = poor result

Process -> idea -> concepts -> script -> storyboard

Mistakes are good embrace them =D
-> focus on your origional idea, plan and script

Storyboards are not all that fantabulouse
-> they are useful for helping non- visual people to understand -> reality tends to be different
Make them after? adapt? change?

Equiptment -> strengths/ weaknesses
-> Work towards its strengths

Dont forget
* Tripod,
* Battery (charged up?),
* Media.(disk, tape ect)

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