Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Review of year 12 work

Although i did recieve a good grade last year for the work i compleated i do not feel like i acomplished the task to the best of my ability, however one of the things i did do well was that i took allot of well produced and varied photos in a variation of locations. Another thing i feel was accomplished well was the use of photo shop considering i had not used photo shop before i feel the final product was produced on photo shop it was good.
On the other hand, the negative things that hindered my progress last year was that i did not set time asside enough to revise and prepare for the exam, also although i liked the practical work i did not put enough effort in to the writen work so i do believe this took my grade down.
Also what i learnt was time project managment, camera angles, mese en scene and audience genre for taking photos. I have evaluated that this time around i will put more time and effort into my work including written work and make sure i visit my blog more so that it is a running comantery of what i a doing.

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